Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Receive On the Spot Prayer Requests

If you would like to join us in prayer during the exact time something is going on in ministry then sign up to receive those text messages below. These will only be prayer requests and praises for what's going on in our ministry at Soddy Daisy High School. An example might be, "About to share the Gospel with the football team. Please pray!" and after that maybe, "10 students indicated they prayed to receive Christ. Follow-up Bible study next week!" or "Monday night meeting starts in 15 minutes, we are speaking about seeing their great need for God."...etc. You can unsubscribe at any time if you need get overwhelmed. You can reply to the text messages as well!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Come Join Us

Think seriously about you have a passion to take the Gospel to the world? If you do, I have a serious proposal for you. I honestly believe that the best place to target with the love of Christ is the high school and middle school campus. 75% of all people who personally accept Christ as their Lord and Savior do so before their 18th birthday. High school and middle school students are like wet cement, waiting for someone to leave a lasting impression on them. Ok, they're impressionable...makes sense. Their also...together. Never again will these young men and women be gathered together like they are in high school. Think about when you graduated high school. When you walked out of the auditorium or gym...that was it, that group will NEVER be together again. There's no other common community like you'll find on a high school campus. There is no other place where there are so many different groups to target. Between sports teams, cheerleaders, and and other after school organizations on campus, there are 23 different groups at Soddy Daisy High School that we can target with the Gospel. There's no better place to take the love of Christ. If your goal is to give the most people an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel as possible, the high school campus is the place for you. Come join us! There is no limit to how many high school students and high schools you can reach. Maybe you read my last post. I'm dreaming BIG with God from now on. No one is going to convince me that God can't use us to reach the world. A new day is dawning, a day where we finally believe God. A day when we know He is going to move because He said He would. I believe one day God is going to use us to plant Student Venture ministries all over the US and the world. How? I have no clue. But I'm believing this with all my heart because I know whom I believe, and I am convinced that He is able to guard what He has entrusted to me.

Come join us. So what's involved in joining us? There are several opportunities we have. Highest level of commitment would be to join staff with us. Not gonna lie, there's a lot involved with that. Including raising 100% of your financial support. God's big enough. You could be full time staff here in Chattanooga or in Atlanta, GA or Raleigh, NC or Orlando, FL or Jacksonville, FL or Cincinnati, OH or Columbus, OH or Indianapolis, IN or PA or NY or CA or TX or several other places in the US. Maybe you would like to join a team that will soon be going to Ecuador to plant a Student Venture ministry there. Come join us. Email me at jsharp at studentventure dot com

Volunteer with us. What would you be doing? Below I've laid out our local volunteer covenant:

Student Venture Chattanooga Volunteer Covenant

We are thrilled that you have chosen to partner with us to take the love and truth of Jesus to middle and high school students in our city. You are truly an answer to prayer. Our hope is that, as you experience the changed lives of students, you yourself will be changed by the gospel.

Step 1: Go to and apply as a volunteer

Below is our expectations of all our volunteers and our commitment to you:

ENTRY LEVEL: 7-8 Hours a week
  • Leading or connected to a small group
  • Bi-weekly volunteer  meetings
  • Serve at Monday night SV Meeting
  • As schedule permits, go on campus (Classroom Talk, Lunch, Outreach)
  • Go to one conference a year (Fastbreak or Getaway)
LEADERSHIP LEVEL: 10-12 Hours a week
  • More time on campus
  • Monday night meeting setup
  • Planning/prayer meetings with campus directors/team
  • Life-on-life discipleship with students
CAMPUS LAUNCHING LEVEL: 12-14 Hours a week
  • Meet with Coach weekly
  • Fundraising
  • Recruiting other volunteers
  • Developing community partnerships (lay people/churches)
*All volunteers, regardless of level, need to:
  • Be involved in 2 outreaches a semester
  • Bring at least 3 students to a conference you attend
  • Share your faith with students as the Lord gives you time and opportunity.

  • Priority #1 - Encourage you in your walk with the Lord
  • Provide an authentic community and a safe place where you can share your heart, as well your gifts, talents, and weaknesses.
  • Being willing and available to coach and develop you as a leader, celebrating how God uses you but also challenging you beyond the capacity of your own strengths
  • Provide you with training and opportunities that will help you walk with God and serve Him for the rest of your life

Name: ___________________________________                                  Level: ____________________

Signature: _________________________________                                Date: _____________________

There you have it! COME JOIN US!  Email me at jsharp at studentventure dot com

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dream Big

Ashlee and I were grateful to experience the Campus Crusade staff conference in Fort Collins, CO this summer. Probably the thing that the Lord used to most impact us was one morning when Francis Chan shared with us. He challenged us by asking if we were truly living a life of faith. Are our lives only explained by the power of God in us or are we relying on our own abilities to accomplish things. As I thought about this it didn't take long to realize that I'm relying on my own talents to live my life. I never trust God to step out of "Jonathan Sharp's Scope". Francis said he used to say to the other pastors at his church, "If doing this job is easy for you and doesn't require need to leave." This struck something in my heart. What would my life look like if I truly believed God for His Word and stepped out of my own skills to do something that would be impossible for me to do if not for the Spirit of God living in me. I had to confess to the Lord that I was showing by my actions that I was not truly trusting Him and have asked Him to lead me into this true fellowship with Him. Very soon after that morning session with Francis, God gave me renewed (and new) vision for high school students. Sure I can go onto the high school campus and meet students and invite them to Student Venture meetings and Bible studies and I can setup an outreach with the football team and share the Gospel with them, but what if I trusted God to do more than this? What if I believed that He truly could use me to give EVERY student at Soddy Daisy High School an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel. Sure, that's always been our vision, but what if I really believed it could happen? I'm eager to trust God and see Him work before my very eyes. He also has broadened my vision to reach other high school students in Chattanooga and even across the country and around the world. What if I trusted God to allow us to recruit others who have a passion for say, Ooltewah High School or CSAS or Ringgold High School and to coach them in how to take the Gospel to these schools? My God is great and mighty and powerful and He can do all things! God doesn't need me but I'm so thankful that He chooses to work in my life and lets me be part of His great plan of redemption! Will you dream big with me? Will you see the great needs around you and trust God to use you to intentionally take the Gospel to people who are not being reached? They are right there in your neighborhood, and at your job and at the gym you work out at and so on and so on. 60% of people in the U.S. have no desire to step foot in a church and won't respond to an invitation and only 10% of churches are targeting these people.  Will you dream big with me and trust God to use you to reach a specific group of people with the Gospel? Invite others who share that vision to join you. Have your own missional team here in the U.S.! A great place to find others who share your vision is You'll see the beginnings of our mission team at SDHS and soon many others will be checking this site out. Dream big.