Our Passion

I honestly believe that the best place to target with the love of Christ is the high school and middle school campus. 75% of all people who personally accept Christ as their Lord and Savior do so before their 18th birthday. High school and middle school students are like wet cement, waiting for someone to leave a lasting impression on them. Ok, they're impressionable...makes sense. Their also...together. Never again will these young men and women be gathered together like they are in high school. Think about when you graduated high school. When you walked out of the auditorium or gym...that was it, that group will NEVER be together again. There's no other common community like you'll find on a high school campus. There is no other place where there are so many different groups to target. Between sports teams, cheerleaders, and and other after school organizations on campus, there are 23 different groups at Soddy Daisy High School that we can target with the Gospel. There's no better place to take the love of Christ. Our goal is to give the most people an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel as possible. 

There is no limit to how many high school students and high schools we can reach. I'm dreaming BIG with God from now on. No one is going to convince me that God can't use us to reach the world. A new day is dawning, a day where we finally believe God. A day when we know He is going to move because He said He would. I believe one day God is going to use us to plant Student Venture ministries all over the US and the world. How? I have no clue. But I'm believing this with all my heart because I know whom I believe, and I am convinced that He is able to guard what He has entrusted to me.